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Sometimes it’s just not possible for organisations to research their customers, prospects, or service users.

That’s where we come in.

We thrive on getting ‘out in the wild’ – mining insights from the people who matter to you.

We’ve delivered insights for central govt., visitor attractions, and e-commerce brands.

Through our work, we’ve helped our clients inform policy, test and validate brands, reengineer propositions, and segment customers.

What problem could we help you with?

Some myths debunked

‘It takes too long’

Projects like qualitative interviews can take time to run but other methods like surveys can provide fast yet valuable insights.

‘It costs too much’

Affordable tools like online surveys can make research cost-effective but the bigger question to consider is the cost of NOT doing research.

‘It's not actionable’

Properly analysed research can guide strategic decisions, product product enhancements, and marketing campaigns.

‘It reveals nothing new’

Research uncovers evolving customer preferences and behaviors, even in familiar markets. And if it validates an existing – at least you know for sure.

‘It's hard to understand’

Research is a scientific process and yes! some phrases and practices can sound confusing but focus on the output and what it gives you, not the method

‘It's not reliable’

Despite possible inaccuracies or bias, effective well-designed research ensures insights are reliable and actionable, especially when combining survey data with other data sources.

Our research process

Select a suitable research method and approach to answer the question
Conduct research ensuring regular stakeholder updates for prompt feedback.
Define the research question and pinpoint exactly what insights are required.
Recruit participants through panels or direct client contact to ensure relevance
Debrief teams with a focus on translating insights into actionable interventions.