Endsleigh Case Study

Endsleigh Case Study

Helping them understand their audiences to drive online revenue


The Problem/ Challenge/ Opportunity

We have worked with Endsleigh, the billion-pound insurer, on several projects. One of our very first projects involved helping them improve the online revenue they received from targeting students with motor insurance. 

At the time they had clear issues with their website not performing as well as it should be and this is where we came in to help them understand the problem at hand. 


After many years of heading up financial services marketing teams and enjoying vast online revenue uplifts across several brands we have a clear process to see what is happening and to then focus on key areas where web visitors are getting stuck. After which we deploy techniques to understand ‘why’. It is only when you explore the ‘why’, do you understand the real reasons for a problem. Once you understand what is causing the problem you can then get to work on solutions to solve it or bypass it. 

Our work started with a web audit. This is where review web data, before applying certain techniques to review the current website. This includes a UX walk through where we walk through specific user journeys to evaluate where people maybe getting confused or frustrated. We then undertake a Heuristic Evaluation where we evaluate six key areas: navigation, content placement, search, forms, interactions and social proofing.

In this instance we then follow up with web user testing which included some indepth 1 interviews. This involves having real prospects undertake specific tasks on the website, whilst one of our moderators asks questions. This technique is amazing at drawing out lots of ‘why’s’. 


What we witnessed

So when we conduct this kind of work a lot of the time we find that certain web pages have been designed poorly or that some form of functionality is hindering web visitors. In this case it was completely different. 

After conducting some interviews and taking a step back and really looking at the audience ‘students’ we realised that the way the brand was talking to the audience was all wrong. They were talking in a language and tone that those driving for years and had been buying motor insurance for years would understand. But with our ‘student’ audience it was clear that their understanding of motor insurance is determined very much by how long they had been driving and whether they were pre Uni, at Uni or a graduate. Also the level of parental involvement fluctuated hugely during these three phases and to what level they aided and guided their child. The conclusion was the language and tone was all wrong so we got to work fixing this. 


The Results

Though we can’t share the exact results, what we can say is that across several projects the insights fed into their terms helped improve web conversion and online revenue significantly. Our support has also helped them understand how best to approach the improvement of several other websites. Just 1 of 30 recommendations alone which involved changing one sentence of copy helped improve revenue by £200k. A fantastic win. 

All the best

Lee @ Runway Consulting