Brightside Case Study


Brightside Case Study

Solving specific problems with customer research


The Problem/ Challenge/ Opportunity 

We have worked with some of our contacts for many years. One in particular, an E-Commerce Consultant has taken us to every new insurance brand that he helps every 18 months. This time we were brought in to help Brightside improve the AOV of add-ons for motor insurance, such as breakdown and windscreen cover. They had already tried many different tactics, but in terms of increasing revenue for these types of products online the dials were just not going up. 



So to start this process we decided to go in and talk to a variety of different teams including marketing products, customer services and sales operators. We spoke to each team individually to gain an understanding of the target audience so we could understand their attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. From this, we would then look to develop some solutions to a/b tests as the budget didn’t not allow for research with real customers or prospects. 


What we observed and experienced

We started by talking to the marketing and products teams who had their own ideas and thoughts, but not much was chiming with me as to why add-on revenues might be so poor in comparison to what I had seen with other brands I had supported. 

Then rolled in the customer services and sales advisors. They engage with the audience day in, day out and it is here that the real nuggets of powerful insight started to drop. One advisor summed it up beautifully. I still remember him saying that the audience was highly price-sensitive and that they just wanted to most basic of cover to ensure they were covered legally. So how could we entice price sensitive customers to buy add-on products that were not deemed an essential to them? 

This is where we came up with the idea of ‘what if statements’ placed with each add on product. Example: You are on the school run and your car dies, what do you do? From 0.89p per week have the peace of mind that all will be well and help will be on the way. 


We knew this kind of statement would resonate with many of the brand’s customers and with them typically living hand to mouth, if this did happen, they probably would not have the funds to pay for a breakdown and get the car fixed. 

With the insights of understanding the audience better so we were able to develop communications that would help us illustrate the real benefits of the product. 


The Results

After implementing the first set of new pages, revenues immediately improved, illustrating that often the insights you need are with the people within your business and that this should be a first port of call to identify the reasons why something isn’t working and what the solution may be. If after this, you are still not seeing the results you desire, then get to work conducting research with real customers and prospects. Your customer will have the answers for you. 

All the best

Lee @ Runway Consulting