Insights on the ground

Sometimes it’s just not possible for organisations to research their customers, prospects or service users.

That’s where we come in:

We thrive on getting ‘out in the wild’ – mining insights from the people who matter to you.

Research Services

About 'Research Services'

We are the research team behind Runway – supporting their programmes with insights.

We also run research-only projects for private and public organisations.

We are a team of academically-trained researchers and designers who can work in a fast-paced commercial environment.

We operate at the critical juncture where your service or product connects with customers and end users.

Research Services

How we work

Define the research question and pinpoint exactly what insights are required.

Select a suitable research method and approach to answer the question.

Recruit participants through panels or direct client contact to ensure relevance.

Conduct research ensuring regular stakeholder updates for prompt feedback.

Debrief teams with a focus on translating insights into actionable interventions.

Recent work

Tank Museum

The Tank Museum

Redesigning The Tank Museum’s Website Using Research

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Fuss Free Shaving

Fuss Free Shaving (FFS)

Using research to identify the ideal customer for a subscription based business

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Dorset Chamber

Dorset Chamber

Using Research to Shape a New Direction for Dorset Chamber’s Service Development

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Research methods overview

A/B Testing


• Learn what engages and increases sales (and what doesn’t) on your site.

• Improve the user experience by making the page more intuitive to use.

• De-risk investment by testing new ideas and offers against your ‘control’ page.

Audience Depth Interviews


• Dive deeper into your customers' attitudes and behaviours.

• Uncover their ideal solutions by understanding their preferences.

• Investigate the underlying reasons for customer choices through follow-up questions.

Website Tree Testing


• Quickly assesses site's menu structure and information hierarchy, improving content accessibility.

• Identifies usability issues: Uncovers problems like confusing labels, hidden content, or navigation bottlenecks, enhancing user experiences.

• Remote tests measure two factors: 1) time on task and 2) task completion rate, indicating the most efficient navigation structure.

Focus Groups


• Gather insights from diverse participants

• Deeper understanding of attitudes and behaviours

• Uncover ideal solutions and refine strategies effectively

Usability Testing


• Test with real users for customer-centric websites.

• Use empirical feedback, not opinions, to validate your site.

• Allocate your budget effectively by prioritising features and content.

Customer Feedback Survey


• Enhance offerings with customer feedback insights.

• Identify and address negative patterns promptly.

• Leverage customer input for new product and service opportunities.

NPS+ Survey


• Discover loyalty drivers through NPS+ questions.

• Enhance services, products, and pricing based on findings.

• Identify key gaps in the customer experience.

Audience Fact Finding


• Identify your customers for personalised relationships.

• Segment and create representative personas.

• Align marketing with customer values and motivations.

Customer Value Analysis (CVA)


• Understand how customers perceive your product in comparison to your competitors'.

• Uncover the prioritised ranking of product features by customers.

• Apply gained insights to enhance your value proposition.

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Growth programmes

A new partnership with a client calls for one of our programmes. This is how we work best, getting right under the bonnet from day one. Take a look at our 'Programmes' page to find out what they entail and see which is the best fit for you.




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The cost of not doing it.

Past experiences have taught us that when your growth plan isn't built on data, you miss chances, waste resources, and leave your customers unhappy.